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My Story with Magnesium Oxide Boards

In the field of magnesium oxide boards, we have been deeply involved for fifteen years, navigating numerous challenges along the way. Over twenty years ago, I followed a professor from Taiwan into the depths of magnesium oxide board formulation research. We were filled with curiosity and hope for this new material. The seeds of magnesium oxide boards were silently sown in our hearts. Despite early applications in fields like panels, sculptures, and agricultural building supports, we encountered a series of daunting issues such as efflorescence, frosting, cracking, and powdering.(Attached Figure 123

Initially, these problems nearly made us lose faith. However, under the professor's guidance and inspired by a relentless spirit of scientific inquiry, we persevered and continued to unlock the secrets behind magnesium oxide materials. After years of effort, we finally mastered the control of raw material ratios and the addition of reaction aids, overcoming the aforementioned challenges. Eventually, the five apprentices went their separate ways—the professor returned to Taiwan, and the four of us each set up factories in different locations to continue our research and production.

Our factory is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, close to the convenient Qingdao Port. Over nearly fifteen years of exploration and growth, we have become one of the leading manufacturers in the magnesium oxide board industry. Our plant spans 450,000 square meters and features fully automated CNC production lines. Our magnesium oxide boards are made with high-quality inorganic magnesium minerals as the primary binding material, natural mineral powder and high-grade active silica as main fillers, and premium wood fiber as reinforcement, all backed by a strong, medium-alkali diamond mesh fabric to ensure the boards are both tough and lightweight.  

My Story with Magnesium Oxide Boards

We gradually solved each problem encountered in the production process. Today, our manufacturing techniques are mature enough to effectively prevent issues like efflorescence and frosting, commonly referred to as "weeping boards." Additionally, we have ensured the complete reaction within the internal structure, eliminating problems like low strength and powdering.

4.Earning Trust from Domestic Customers
5.Successfully Manufacturing High Load-Bearing Decks with Complete Structure
6.Earning Trust from International Clients

Today, our magnesium oxide boards meet high industry standards. Their complete internal structure can support all construction needs, and their durability can even exceed the lifespan of the buildings themselves. It's worth mentioning that, with years of research and development experience, we can confidently promise every customer that no matter their requirements, we can provide high-quality magnesium oxide boards that meet their needs.

7,Custom Manufacturing of Magnesium Oxide Decorative Wall Panels
8.Custom Manufacturing of Magnesium Oxide Sandwich Insulation Panels

Application cases:

Case Study 1: Large Villa Complex in Mainland China
The entire villa complex features a steel structure for support, using magnesium oxide boards for both the internal and external base walls, followed by further decoration. The total use of magnesium oxide boards in the building exceeded 10,000 pieces.

Case Study 2: CCTV Office Building
The entire office building employs magnesium oxide boards as wall cladding, with magnesium oxide acoustic panels used for sound absorption on surfaces.

Case Study 3: Compilation of Additional Case Studies
Other international case studies are not available for public display.

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